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“All procedures were done without any pain”

The patient with her brand new teeth

We all want a nice and healthy smile. Mrs. Dasa was also looking for the best and pain free treatment for her teeth. As you can see on the X ray taken before we started the treatment, most of her remaining teeth had been treated several times but occasional teeth pain still remained. Our head dental surgeon Dr. Marek suggested a big reconstruction for her teeth- the All on 6 procedure.

X ray taken before treatment
X ray taken after treatment

Dasa had a consultation with our head implantologist Dr. Marek in October 2018. He made her a treatment plan containing 17 extractions, 11 dental implants and 22 dental crowns. The consultation and all necessary X-rays and CT scans are always free of charge.

If the patient agrees to the treatment plan we can usually start with the treatment on the same day as the consultation. The All on 5 procedure for Dasa’s lower jaw and All on 6 procedure for her upper jaw was done a few weeks before Christmas. After successful dental surgery our dentist Dr. Michaela took care of Dasa – she made provisional dental bridges for her so Dasa was able to speak and eat without problems. These provisional crowns (temporary dentures) are provided to all patients and they are free of charge.


The dental implants always need a certain amount of time to fully heal within the patient’s bone, usually 2-4 months. Dasa didn’t have any major problems with her implants and healing went smoothly. She booked her second appointment with us for January 2019. Dr. Michaela took the impressions. Based on the impressions our dental technicians made final dental crowns – in this case it took 2 weeks.

Now Dasa has 5 dental implants in her lower jaw supporting a fixed 12-point bridge and 6 dental implants with 10 dental crowns in her upper jaw.

A few days after her final visit, Dasa sent us an e-mail with this lovely review of her experience with us:

I want to say a big thank you to whole team (especially to Monika and Dr. Marek) for taking perfect care of me during all my visits in Smile Clinic Piešťany. All procedures were done professionally and most importantly without any pain 🙂 I am very happy with my new smile. I will recommend your clinic for sure.

You can have a new smile too!

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The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka “