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“Thank you for bringing back my confidence again”

A lot of young patients have their teeth in alarming condition. This may be caused by bad oral hygiene in childhood and during teenage years but genetics surely take part in the responsibility. Recently we had two similar cases of two young men at Dental Holiday Slovakia.

Mr. Richard’s (33 years old) teeth were damaged, some of them were not vital anymore. Richard was not satisfied with their colour and shape – as you can see on the picture taken before the treatment, his front teeth were gray and he was ashamed to smile widely. The second patient, Mr. Eugen (age 24 years) had chipped and yellow teeth in the front upper jaw. He also had pain when drinking cold beverages.

The treatment in both cases is really easy – just 4 dental crowns can change a lot!

Having our own specialized on-site dental laboratory allows us to finish the treatment with 4 dental crowns in just one visit lasting 5 working days. In the beginning of the treatment, we make all necessary X-rays and scans and the patient talks to the dentist to discuss his expectations of the results of the treatment. Then the doctor starts to reshape the teeth to make them ready for dental crowns and takes impressions. It takes less than 2 hours to reshape 4 teeth so the treatment is very quick. All you have to do is sit in the dental chair and pick the colour of your future teeth.

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Everything is done under local anesthetics so if you decide to undergo this dental procedure you won’t feel any pain. While dental technicians work in the laboratory on your final dental crowns you will be provided with temporary dental crowns free of charge, so you will be able to speak, eat and laugh with no problems.

Richard´s teeth BEFORE the treatment
Richard’s teeth BEFORE treatment
Richard´s teeth AFTER the treatment
Richard’s teeth AFTER treatment

Here you can find some pictures of the teeth of the mentioned patients. Mr. Eugen has his 4 new crows in color B1 (first two pictures) and Mr. Robert in color A1 (second two pictures).

Eugen´s teeth BEFORE the treatment
Eugen’s teeth BEFORE treatment
Eugen´s teeth AFTER the treatment
Eugen’s teeth AFTER treatment

Mr. Eugen left this pleasant review to us and we want to share his experience with you:

Original patient´s testimonial handwritten by patient Eugen after we finished his treatment
Patient’s original testimonial

Translation of Eugen´s testimonial (original is in Slovak language):

Great doctor’s attitude. I have new teeth in 2 weeks after reshaping them. I finally have straight teeth and I can smile now.

During the consultation, they decided whether treatment with dental crowns is suitable for my crooked teeth. 1 week after the consultation they painlessly reshaped my teeth and they gave me temporary denture that fulfilled its the purpose and the two upcoming weeks were absolutely painless.

Thank you for bringing back my confidence again 🙂

The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka “