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What should I do if I have problems during my treatment period?

What should I do? I have an infection

If by any chance you have a tooth infection (hot pain/ swelling) in between your treatment visits to us:

  1. Let us know immediately by email
  2. Use Corsodyl mouthwash
  3. Visit a local dentist for confirmation and prescription of antibiotics and/ or
  4. Arrange to visit us as soon as possible

What should I do? I need to remove my stitches

The stitches (sutures) that we use in our clinic are dissoluble.

In some cases, however, they fail to dissolve and simply fall out themselves, or can be eased out gently.

If after 7-10 days of dental implantation the stitches are irritating you, have a local nurse remove them or visit any one of our clinics for a free check-up and stitches removal.

What should I do? My abutment is loose

If it looks like this in the photograph, then it’s very likely the implant abutment screw has come loose.

A loose abutment

All it needs is a quick tighten which takes just 5-10 mins, however, you’ll need to find a local implantologist (not an emergency dentist – they most likely won’t be able to do anything apart from an X-ray), who has the right hex screwdriver (typically 0.9 mm or 1.2mm).

The implant system you have is called “Neodent (Straumann)“.

If you prefer that we tighten the implant, feel free to come over anytime to our Bratislava city centre clinic.

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