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Dental Crown Cost UK

If you’re a middle-aged person genuinely interested in knowing how much a dental crown will cost them in the UK, here is everything you need to know.

tooth crowns cost UK

Our intention here is to help you make the right decision about which dental clinic to go to for your dental crowns or whether or not it’s worth it for you to travel for your dental crowns abroad instead.

p.s. You can send us a “selfie” style photo of your teeth directly to us anytime if you’re unsure if tooth crowns are for you using the chatbot here on this website.

Firstly if you’re unsure exactly what tooth crowns are, then here’s a handy explanation:

What are crowns?

As I’ve explained in other pages on this website, tooth crowns are shaped like natural teeth and fit like a “cap” over your teeth.

Dental crowns are considered both a cosmetic and restorative type of dental treatment. Unlike tooth veneers, they can be combined to make a “bridge” of crowns, cover gaps, or bridge dental implants.

1. Private dental clinic prices in the UK depend on the materials used for tooth crowns and the time it takes to make them.

2. Dental crowns are made in a dental lab or chairside using a 3D printer, so the cost of a tooth crown in the UK depends on the material used, the technology used, and the prices the dental technicians charge the dental clinic or dental practice.

3. The materials used in tooth crowns include:

Porcelain (most expensive for a very natural tooth look)

The tooth crown cost for these types of crowns averages at £750.75 per tooth crown across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

(source GCR.org survey)

(UK private dental practice price correct as of July 2019)

Typically used on actors & models, these tooth crowns are made from a highly translucent, tooth-like material that looks lighter than your natural teeth when photographed with a flash camera or under bright lights.

When your gum recedes with age, a grey line of metal will not show around the edges of the crown, as is the case with porcelain fused to metal crowns (discussed below).

Porcelain bonded fused onto precious metal or all-metal (generally less expensive and used on back teeth).

These are the typical NHS-style tooth crowns currently in Band 3, priced at £269.30 in UK NHS dental practices if you are eligible.

(NHS prices correct as of March 2019).

Dental Crown Costs In The UK

2018: Based on a recent survey by WHICH magazine of UK dental treatment prices quoted by leading private dental chains, such Bupa, Dentalcare Group, MyDentist, Rodericks, Genix Healthcare and Southern Dental in late 2018, found that:

the dental crown cost in the UK is anywhere from £250 – £1,180, averaging at £715 per tooth crown or bridgepoint in 2018.

Which Magazine 2018

2019: The average cost of a tooth crown in a UK dental practice (private) has since then increased by 5% to £750 in 2019

(source GCR.org survey)

Tooth crown costs abroad

Savings of anywhere up to 70% can be expected by having tooth crowns in India or Thailand, with tooth crown costs coming between £100-£150. (source GCR.org survey)

Closer to home within European Union member states such as Poland, Hungary, Croatia or Slovakia, a saving of 40-50% is expected, with single dental crown prices coming between £250 to £400. (source GCR.org survey)

Tooth crown cost with Dental Holiday

Porcelain Fused Teeth Crowns & all-metal crowns – we don’t do them. 

zirconia crown shades
Testing which shade to choose

At Dental Holiday in Slovakia, we simply no longer offer porcelain fused to metal crowns. As I’ll explain shortly, the results that can be achieved using full ceramic crowns far outweigh the extra cost.

These crowns or “caps” are commonly used in dental clinics worldwide and by NHS dentistry in Britain. They have a metal core covered by porcelain of various tooth shades, rated A1, A2, B1, B2, etc. They can be joined in tooth bridges or used as individual teeth and on dental implants.

Whilst just as strong and functional as all-ceramic caps, the major let-down is the metal visible beneath the crowns as your gums recede with age. I’m sure you’ve seen people in their middle ages with grey lines around the edges of their teeth where they meet the gums – that’s the metal showing.

Usually hand-crafted in dental labs, the expected preparation time is typically a week or more.

Full porcelain Crowns or caps – cost just £497 per tooth at Dental Holiday

Fortunately, the modern solution to porcelain fused or metal-based crowns has become common in many private dental practices across the UK. This is the all-ceramic or metal-free crown.

Usually made from Zircon or Cercon, this tooth crown or cap has a closer appearance to natural teeth and doesn’t seem darker when photographed with a flash camera. It also saves you from the “grey rim” later in life.

Typical full porcelain crown names are CEREC, EMAX, UNIVAC, LITHIUM DISILICATE, or LAVA. As with porcelain-fused crowns, they can be formed as a tooth bridge and placed onto dental implants.

Due to technological advancements, preparing these crowns is computer-assisted and can usually be ready within 3-4 days.

Both crowns and bridges have a typical life expectancy of 5-20 years, depending on how you look after them.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about the prices and types of tooth crowns? If so, please let me know in the comments section below or click this button now:

10 thoughts on “Dental Crown Cost UK”

  1. I was hit with a cricket ball on my front tooth 15 years ago and had crown fitted, the other tooth has gone dark please advise on my options

    • Hi Qamar, if your other tooth has gone dark, the nerve is probably damaged. A Ct-scan would let us know if the tooth roots are stable enough to have a crown / veneer placed on that tooth or if can be strengthened with root canal treatment. Does that help?

    • Dear John,

      Thank you for your comment. The price of the crowns can vary based on the material. We use full ceramic crowns, the best materials on the market to reach the best solution possible. It can also differ whether the crown is hand-made in the laboratory or machine made. And of course whether the preparation was done by a specialist or a general dentist.
      I hope this helps

      Kind regards

    • Hi Maya, Gold crowns are usually estimated by the amount of gold that is used in the crown, plus the dentist & technician work. You could expect the pay the typical cost of a crown in that clinic, plus the weight of the gold on top of that. Gold is seldom used in crowns these days, as it doesn’t create the esthetic “look” that most dental clinics are looking to provide.

  2. I’m interested in crown replacement my ones I have are put on a peg the dentist filed my own down to a peg an then put crown on can you tell me a price roughly I have twelve I would like to replace.

    • Hi Elaine, and thank you for getting in touch! To replace 12 crowns you have a couple of options, and an x-ray would certainly be needed to be done first to judge the health of the roots of those “pegs”, so that you can be sure the new crowns placed on them would last or not, before going ahead.

      Then you could go for zirconia or Emax all-ceramic crowns – or a mix – this would be dependent on your budget and the overall “look” you’re after.
      Whatever you choose, this could be done in one visit of 5 working days. Does that help?

  3. I was surprised to learn that dental crowns in the UK can cost more than tooth crowns abroad. This could be because the materials used in dental crowns in the UK are usually more expensive than those used in tooth crowns abroad.

    • Hi Aman, no, it’s not an issue of material cost – that is very similar – it’s simply higher labour / operational costs for the UK dental practices that make them charge more, however the margin profit on the crowns in the UK is much higher as well as most patients are willing to pay it.


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